HTAF active power filter

HTAF active power filter
Operation principle
HTAF active power filter is mainly consisted of instruction current arithmetic circuit and compensation current generating circuit. Instruction current arithmetic circuit monitors current in line on real time, changes analog current signal into digital signal, deals signal in DSP, divides harmonic and fundamental wave, sends drive pulse to impregnated current generating circuit in PWM form, drives IGBT or IPM power module, produces current with opposite polarity and same amplitude of compensating current and sends current into electrified wire netting, compensates or counteracts harmonic current and cancels electric harmonic actively. In this way, harmonic current is dealt actively, quickly and completely.
HTAF active power filter can supply required fundamental reactive compensating current, achieves dynamic reactive compensation and improves power factor of electrified wire netting.
HTAF Series Active Power Filter Characteristic
1.        Parallel access, install and maintain easily
2.        Filter 2nd to 50th harmonic wave
3.        Filter more than 95% harmonic wave
4.        Filter wave automatically, never affected by impedance in electrified wire netting
5.        Dynamic real-time track-compensation, quick response
6.        Filter effect is not affected by electrified wire netting resistance
7.        Inhibit overload automatically, no resonance danger
8.        No upper frequency ripples current interference
9.        Multi-module parallel operation
10.    Compensate harmonic and reactive power simultaneously
11.    High efficient filter, low electric energy loss 
12.    Multi-protection to ensure system operate safely and reliably
13.    Digital control, Chinese language LCD
14.    Fault self-diagnostic function, history recording function
15.    RS485 interface, standard MODBUS communication agreement
Main technology parameter
Rating compensating current of single machine
400V/50A-200A, 690V/30A-120A
Rating compensating capacity of single machine
33kVar — 133 kVar
mains voltage
three phase 380V/690V±15%
mains frequency
50/60 Hz±2%
Filter harmonic frequency
Filter frequency
Response time
≤20 ms
Power loss
≤3% rating compensation capacity
≤65 dB
Protection function
Abnormal voltage protection; over load limitation; system error protection; system overheat protection
External dimension mm
800×1000×2200 standard GGD machine cabinet
Storage Temperature
-40?55 ?
Serving temperature
-10?40 ?
Relative humidity
≤95%? not condensation
≤2000m?Reduce rating capacity in higher altitude

Product Origin: Shandong, China
Model Number: HTAF series
Brand Name: Hoteam

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