HTY single phase emergency power supply

HTY single phase emergency power supply
Brief introduction
A application: EPS is reserve power supply equipment installed in buildings. When there is no commercial power in a building because of fire, accident or other emergency, EPS supplies the second way emergency power for fire-fighting identification light, headlight, and other important loads. As the increasing of building fire safety level, especially there are more high buildings, centralized power supply EPS has became indispensable equipment in buildings.
B install type embedded type; wall-hung type; console model
C reserve time 90 minutes?national standard (It can be designed by required)
D series 0.5kW?10kW
embedded type; wall-hung type; console model HTY-0.5kW?HTY-1kW?HTY-1.5kW?HTY-2Kw
console model  HTY-3kW? HTY-4kW? HTY-5kW? HTY-6kW? HTY-7kW? HTY-8kW? HTY-9kW?HTY-10kW
1. Emergency power supply---it will supply 220V/380V 50 HZ sine three phase AC emergency power to ensure fire fighting light and other important loads working normally when commercial power is off or voltage is beyond range.
2. High performance---SPWM high frequency contra variant technology, good quality of power supply, suited for various kinds of load
3. High reliability--- advanced technology and redundant design, multi-CPU control, made by good quality component accurately, stable function and high reliability
4. Completed protection--- good overload output protection, short circuit protection, battery reverse connection protection, over discharge protection, high anti-abuse ability
5. friendly interface--- LCD display the information of working condition clearly, commercial power voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, on load ratio, error and etc. it can warn sound and light error, indicate error type and eliminate error noise.
6. High ability of charge--- large current charger with auto charge technology, charge in high speed, stable floating voltage
7. Simple structure--- module design, simple structure, convenient maintainance 
8. Remote monitoring--- RS232 or RS485 digital communication interface, standard MODBUS communication agreement, EPS remote computer centralized monitoring and management
9 intelligent battery management--- intelligent battery monitor management components, strengthen battery monitor, lengthen battery using time and increase availability ratio
Model Introduction
kW??Rating output capacity
HTY??Hoteam single phase EPS
HTY Series EPS technology parameter





rating capacity




commercial power input

phase number

single phase(L-N+PE)





urgent output


?220 Vac±3%


?50±0.5 Hz


sina wave

waveform distortion

≤3%(0?100%linearity onload?

inverse efficiency


overload capacity

work normally when it is not more than 120% rating current



sealed lead-acid battery, no need to be maintained

rating voltage




reserve time

90 minutes?It can be designed by required?

charging time

within 20 hours

switching time

≤0.25s? min 2 ms??


overload protection, output short circuit protection; battery inverse connection protection; battery undervoltage protection

warn alarm

battery undervoltage, battery connection error, charger error, continuous overload, inverter error, single battery voltage irregular, output shout circuit, etc.

ambient temperature


ambient humidity

≤90%RH?not condensation


≤2000m?it can be used by reducing capacitor when over 2000m?


no noise when it is commercial power output, not more than 55dB when it is urgent output


it can be chosen RS232?two-machine communication??RS485?multi-machine communication??TCP/IP

It can be designed by required

Product Origin: Shandong,China
Model Number: HTY series
Brand Name: Hoteam

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